Friday, December 10, 2004

Jump into the time machine!!!!

So the guys picked me up in their time machine (the temp tags claim an expiry date of 3004, so it must be an authentic) and we picked up J. and we went to the drag show.

At nearly 30, it was my first time. A straight drag show virgin.

I felt at home, actually, especially since I have a sort of musical family. We actually spend time together by sitting around the piano (cousin plays quite well) and singing songs - those traditional , those in the books and those we make up. (Is that odd? I don't know.)

The show was fairly good and the music was pretty clean entertainment - well, minus the introductions and comedy in between acts. The best piece was a country song about a woman talking about how she's a redneck. The queen wore a bathrobe and a silly tee-shirt underneath and (of course) curlers in the hair. It was a riot!


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