Saturday, January 15, 2005

i have had it with will and grace and law and order

it seems that every single time i get home after the husband, which seems to be a lot lately, the little black and white TV in the kitchen that you occasionally have to hit because the audio sometimes just goes away is tuned to that stupid 'will and grace' show.

now i'm not upset with husband, as he's usually doing good things in the kitchen like making food or cleaning/putting away dishes, but that dumb sitcom is just terrible.

either 'will and grace' is on or it's that equally as vapid 'dharma and greg', which airs afterwards on the same channel.

i dislike the stupid banter, like a modern day i love lucy. these shows are horrid and annoying.

at least that little TV doesn't get cable. i hope we never have cable in the kitchen because the background noise for husband's cooking would be that terrible 'law and order', which is shown nonstop on the 'law and order' channel on cable.


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