Saturday, May 28, 2005

left coast time is screwed up

i love coming to the left coast. i can wake up rediculously early with no effort whatsoever. of course coming home's a bitch.

the time change has me a bit screwed up and on top of that, this sketchy hotel (we thought the pictures on the web looked good) has some crappy system where the a/c is powered by water and it sounds like there's a gnome in the ceiling taking a piss. therefore i'm up extra early.

so, i'm using the free wireless to scope local blogs to find the insider's guide on all the hot action the sac has to offer, since this is my first time and all.

not that velodiablo's help wasn't solid -- he's incredibly helpful -- but i'm always on the search...

so far i've found this father of 3's inner angst blog. funny but not so helpful.

to be continued...


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