Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The cost of my commute

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and first, travel about 5 miles to drop my child off at daycare then head about 3 more miles to work. My husband picks up our daughter, so I usually head straight home from work.

According to's cost of driving calculator, my monthly commuting cost is $312 and my annual commuting cost is $3744.

The parking garage (downtown, same building where I work) is $150 a month.

Pre baby, I used to ride my bike to work and my cost was about $200 in the first year:
- Winter riding stuff - Tights ($85) and heavier duty winter cycling gloves ($15?)
- Tires - One pair, I think ($80-ish)
- About 5 tubes ($25-ish, probably less)
- Shampoo - An extra shampoo for at work - I use soap as body wash, not just for the head ($3)



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