Monday, November 22, 2004

The cross is calling me

I really don't care if I am not in shape and I have some puckered fat on the backs of my legs. I really don't care if my bike is a little too road, not enough mountain. I want to enter a cyclocross race.

Lucky for me, there are a few more weekends of cyclocross races in town. Unfortunately, those weekends are booked, and my mechanic (Erik) is studying for finals so he wouldn't be able to go.

Instead of coaxing my horse over 4 foot high wooden logs at the Kentucky Horse Park, I'd be carrying my bike over the logs then hopping back on and riding some more. How fun! The courses are a mixture of road, dirt, mud and fixed "jumps". Doesn't that sound just great?

I don't care if I don't have enough time. I'll see what I can do about going to the race anyway.


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