Saturday, December 11, 2004

Ridin' and eatin' report

Ridin': There was none of that today. The weather was just horrible. On the other hand, I did partake in a yoga class, though this class was mighty easy compared to Friday night's. Today, we didn't do any headstands, whereas last night's class was mighty tough and HOT. I was dripping all over the damn place before class even began. This is supposed to be Ashtanga, folks, not bikram!

Eatin': Not so great. E. had purchased Hot Pockets. I was curious and had one. Not so good, especially since it was small and had a shitload of fat/calories for being so damn small. I also ate some cereal in the morning.

Other thoughts:
  • This looks like a fun gift!
  • Can't wait for E. to get home so we can go see Huckabees. K. might meet us at the theater. We haven't seen a movie in the theater for awhile, so this should be fun.
  • Just finished reading this bike touring blog. I love the part where he describes how he's huffing and puffing up the hill and the Fassa Bortorlo guys zip past. I'd be WALKING up that hill with the bike, I'm pretty sure.


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