Wednesday, January 26, 2005

slightly paying attention to nascar

so this is how they lure women to the nascar marketing empire - strategic marketing.

nascar driver jeff gordon is guest hosting on regis and kelly now. i don't follow cars going in a circle, so i never really paid attention before, but he's pretty cute!

i'm not going to start watching the races, but i bet there are plenty of nascar newbies this morning. go nascar/jeff gordon's marketing folks for such a strategic placement.

on another note, i have been making it to yoga quite regularly, but it's hard to do when my grandma's in the hospital. i feel i should be visiting her most weekdays. my yoga place doesn't offer early morning classes (i could totally love a 6 a.m. class) so i have to go in the evenings.

this struggle must be similar to life with children - wanting to do two things all the time: be with your kids as much as possible and live your own life.

i also have been thinking about what andrew mentioned in passing: he used to do lots of fun stuff with the bike - racing, cyclocross, etc. but now that he has kids and his wife is taking care of them full-time, he can't afford to get hurt because that would interfere with his profession - he doesn't work a typical office job. so, consequently, he doesn't compete anymore, at least for the time being.


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