Saturday, February 12, 2005


i saw an old friend over the holidays. her parents are moving out of her childhood home and she flew into town not only to see them but to go through her old room.

she hasn't lived in town since middle school, so i can only guess her room was some sort of dumping ground during boarding school and college.

when we met for brunch, she brought me a cute photo of us at the zoo. my memory of that day is sketchy - all i remember is my awesome giant plastic spider from the gift shop and that my dad brought us.

my friend didn't seem to have any particular memories of the day.

my dad does. my mom showed him the photo, which is currently featured top of my website, and he told her (and she told me) that the zoo trip was going along just fine when my friend said she had to use the bathroom... NOW.

we must have been 4 years old at the time.

well she apparently didn't want to go into the mens room and my dad obviously wasn't going into the ladies room with her, and she refused to go on her own so ...

that would explain why she's holding a popcorn box in front of her crotch!

i haven't told her this. i think she'd think it's funny, but i'm not sure.

ah, memories.


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