Friday, June 03, 2005

bike report

mileage when i got to work: 1527.7

of interest: like a dumbass, i wore a SWEATSHIRT. i thought it felt a bit nippy, then two miles into my ride, thanks to the humidity, i felt like a giant sponge. i was late for work and hit lots of greens or reds w/o traffic, so i didn't want to stop and take off the sweatshirt, stuff it in my backpack, etc.

looking forward to the weekend: would like to take a ride up to ye olde college town for a sweet backroads ride + yummy lunch. we'll see what happens.

photos: as i mentioned before, i'm reluctant to reveal my identity, so i don't want to link to any photos on my own site. therefore, i've decided to link to photos from other sites. i know this is bad form, but it's not like my blog gets much traffic in the first place...if i get any complaints from the photo owners, i'll remove the images.


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