Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Commute report

Miles when I got to work: 2003.7

Back from vacation: I enjoyed my time in Maine. If you haven't been to Monhegan Island, you should scrape up all of your pennies, and $100's and go. It's a real treat. I hesitate recommending it because too many visitors spoil the ambience, and if the island is as non-commercialized these days, I can't imagine how wonderful it used to be decades ago.

About today's photo: Google image searched this one. As always, you can click on the image to visit the image's site of origin.

Maine bike report: I did see some bikes around Maine, but because most of our car travelling was limited to Route 1, a busy highway, I didn't get a big chance to explore bikeways. I did stop in to a few bike shops and one of the inns we stayed at (I highly recommend this one!) did house a bike touring group at the same time.


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