Monday, August 29, 2005

More Amsterdam impressions....

  • Amsterdam is the Las Vegas of Northern Europe, probably due to the omnipresent Brit stag parties
  • The line at the Anne Frank House really does move quickly
  • Kiddies ride along in bike "pumpkin seats" in between the rider and the handlebars. The little kiddies do not wear helmets.
  • In fact, no one wears bike helmets
  • Most women pedal in high heels
  • The weather in Amsterdam was a bit chillier than I expected
  • The Stedelijk Nuseum was my favorite museum in town.
  • It's possible to walk along and find a tasty restaurant
  • It's also true that most restaurants in town do not serve Dutch food. The only exception is the pancake houses. We stumbled upon one that looked hole-in-the-wall but ended up being really tasty, and, halfway through the meal I noticed some autographs taped to the wall -- some movie stars had been there recently.
  • I wanted to go to the garlic restaurant because I love garlic. Didn't make it. Luckily, it looks like there are plenty of garlic restauraunts in the US as well.
  • We were dedicated to keeping a full plate, but not running from place to place. In addition, we had more ideas for restaurants and activities than we could have achieved. Consequently, we missed a few museums we wanted to hit, including "Our Lady of the Attic", and missed Boom Chicago, which is supposed to be hilarious. We also missed, the. I was curious about the Jamie Oliver restaurant, but there also seemed to be too much hype surrounding that place...Plus, the Pasa Doble tapas restaurant was lively and had great sangria. (It was a "we were just walking by" restaurant.)
  • Other restaurants we wanted to try but didn't get to: Supperclub and
  • Enjoyed: Jurrasic 5 at Paradiso. Wow, the acoustics in that place are GREAT.

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