Saturday, July 08, 2006

momma's ride report

Miles on the bike after today's ride: 2,750.4

Finding spontaneous non-trainer (outside) bike riding time is tricky, but do-able with 8-week-old. Let's take today as an example.

for posterity, here's an example from the pre-baby days: wow, it's nice outside. i'll go for a ride right now. well, perhaps i'll put a load of laundry in the wash, ooh, then i'll check the mail. oh, i should start the dishwasher. i'll make this one call. // an hour later... hop on the bike for a lazy 3-hour jaunt.

today: the baby's 8 weeks and i'm breastfeeding: honey? (assuming honey is home from his 1,204 hours/day lawyer job) would you mind taking the baby for 15, well, 20 minutes? great. oh shit. i need to feed her first and her next feeding is in 30 minutes. well i could pump...nah, i'll just try to feed her now... // 30 minutes later (the baby was taking her time, snacking on the breast. she fell asleep a few times along the way.) ... hop on the bike for a 25 minute loop around the neighborhood, up that hill that leads into the park and back home.


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