Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ride report

Miles when I got home: (Need to check)

Cyclometer still doing that 0 mph thing on and off: yes

Post-ride food: Some whole wheat pasta w/veggies; Small taco salad (I took off 85% of the cheese and didn't use any dressing/sour cream); a taco; a few fresh cherries

About the ride: Went with husband's MS150 team (well, the team he would have ridden with).

We went on a nice rolling route and I didn't do as terribly as I thought for "just" having a baby. (Can I still use "I just had a baby" as an excuse? How about I "just ate a ton of cookies this week" while baking for the baby's naming?)

The weather was in the mid-70's (Mother Nature is STRANGE) and breezy. Hallelujah.

What didn't happen in Le Tour: My father is always telling tall tales, so when we stopped over to pick up the baby, he asked me if I'd heard about the cyclist in the Tour De France who was caught eating McDonalds. I believed him enough to Google News search it as soon as the baby went to sleep. After 29 years of my father's tall tales, you'd think I'd learn...


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