Saturday, August 26, 2006

One car or two???

So, Internets WWW series of tubes users, I need your opinions.


We got rid of the '91 Honda Accord this summer. After years of loyal service to my dad, then to me, it was getting jalopy-esuqe. I started getting too embarrased to drive it when the back bumper fell off. It wasn't knocked off; it just fell off.

(I do blame myself for the car's demise. Hondas are damn fine vehicles, and most of the fault can be traced to the lack of maintainence and the car's general state of dirtiness. Of course a car is going to rust if you don't wash it and all the crud gets stuck underneath.)

Guilt aside, we donated the Accord to Goodwill and are now left with one gas-powered people mover, our trusty silver Honda Civic 4-door, 5-speed. Yes, the ubiquitous fuel saver of a cute car. We do love it, but now with the baby and daycare and our two jobs, my husband is in favor of rejoining the ranks of the 2-car families.


I'm kinda liking the 1-car lifestyle, and most days it's not a hassle, but the days we both need the car at the same time, that's when it sucks.

Right now, we're taking turns commuting to work by bike. That day's car-enabled person takes the bambino to daycare and picks them up.


So, should we stick with the 1-car, 3-person family or opt for 2 cars???


Why not to get a second car:

  • I'm working 9-5 and haven't (knock on wood) had to stay long hours
  • Husband has an "and then some" job. He gets in at 9ish but gets home whenever he happens to finish. 7ish, 8ish, etc.
  • Bike commute is 5+ miles one way. (We work fairly close to each other.)
  • We need the car on alternate days in order to do our parent hours at daycare.
  • My parents work fairly close to our work/the daycare. They could pick up (and have offered to pick up) the bambino if necessary.
  • My dad could also give one of us a lift to work/home if there's a car emergency.
  • The bus goes right by our house and our workplaces, and that's always an option.
  • There are very few extreme weather days, and we'd carpool in those situations anyway.
  • Gas, car prices

  • Restaurants, library, coffee shop, diner, stores, other entertainment are just a short walk away.

  • After-school activities like soccer practice are a ways off. (We will definitely need a 2nd car by then.)

    Why to get a second car:

    • Since I've gone back to work 3 weeks ago, we have already had to do some car juggling. Ex: Days when husband has worked really late and wanted to be picked up around 10 p.m., which meant I had to drive back to town to pick him up.
    • This part is selfish, but there's no pre-planning necessary when you have two cars.
    • You're not as reliant on others. I went out with some girlfriends on a recent Saturday and husband dropped me off with the gals because he wanted to use the car that afternoon. The downside was that the gals had to drop me off afterwards. Luckily, we were close to home. It would have been too much to ask them if we were not close to home.

      So, Internets, what do you think? Second car or not?

    Blogger Dan said...

    I would love to be in the position of having a choice! While I can ride to work when the weather cooperates, the bus stop is 3 miles away (and half a mile from my office).

    We operate on 1.5 cars since mine spends much of the time sitting in the driveway.

    Add the costs to your pros and cons and it may be a bit easier to decide.

    1:38 PM  
    Blogger Liz Foreman said...


    does your area offer bike racks on their buses? you could always ride to the bus stop (ha ha.)


    10:03 AM  

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