Monday, September 11, 2006

Commute report

Heading to work: Caught all the green lights except two. Zoom.

Heading home: One car slowed so I could go from the parking lane - where there was a parked car - and into the right lane and then back into the parking lane; Yellow bike with panniers was ahead of me on the long hill. I nearly caught up - I always have the urge to chase down other bike commuters - then I hung back, as I wasn't in a social mood.

Post ride: Saw "Little Miss Sunshine" and liked it. The beauty pageant reminded me of this British documentary that was often on late-night while I was in college. My roomies and I would routinely repeat lines from the documentary, as we found the child pageant thing so darn freaky. Our favorite line: "Weeestern weaaaar," the favorite part of the competition per one child who was interviewed. (This was pre-JonBenet, by the way.)


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