Sunday, December 12, 2004

Ridin' and Eatin' report

Ridin': Weather is f'ing cold. No riding today. Yoga class instead. I was totally dehydrated, which didn't help. I also basically rolled out of bed and into some clothes and then rolled into class not a second too soon. It helps when one is awake before attending a class.

Eatin': Went to a yummy and pretty healthful brunch. Got a big tub o chocolate chip cookies at the fancy health food store the other day. I ate several handfuls of cookies upon returning from brunch. They're crappy cookies but I can't stop eating them. Yay me!

In your heeeaaaad. In your heeeeeeeeaaaaaad. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it it it: (I always thought that Cranberries song was about getting a song stuck in your head. Later, I learned they say 'Zombie', not 'Stop It'.) The song most likely to be stuck in my head during a bike ride is Satan is my Motor. Second to that, it's probably another Cake tune: Never There.


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