Saturday, January 01, 2005

new year

started off the new year by heading to a yoga class in atlanta. part of the fun of travel is finding a cool yoga studio to try out. i never know what i'll be walking in to, but that's definitely part of the fun.

today's class was at an atlanta trendster place -- a loft space in a converted warehouse on a side street near georgia tech. fancy cars lined the narrow street.

hare krishna techno was grooving in the big open room with exposed brick walls and seriousish yoga folks were milling about. no suburban yoga here. these folks - including the guy with the white, bushy hair and beard and the leggings, looked to be a long-term devotee.

class was led by a fit, southern woman in her mid 30's. she was very good at explaining what we needed to do with each pose - always good reminders - but she kept using the word 'nail' and that bothered me a bit. 'nail your inner palm to the floor during this pose.' the visualization is very ouchy.

we did lots of work on opening up our chests today. it's not something i need to concentrate on (i have many other weaknesses to work on) but every bit of detail work is good for the long run.

the room had a great vibe and really put my head back on after last night's loooong night (and morning) of partying at a hip, loud club.


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