Friday, December 17, 2004

Winter rider development

Copied idea from this site, which I found while Googling "too cold to ride".

Gentle readers,

Since I asked many questions of our elite riders, I figured it was
only right that I ask the same of myself.



What do you think of weight training?
Never tried it. Hank and Frank come to mind. Sweat and gay guys, too. Nope, never been in the weight room. Thanks anyway.

If you use weights, what is your program?
I've managed the 5-pounders. I was getting fit in early 2001 and woke up early every morning to do yoga and then a 1/2 hour of The Body Electric. (If you haven't worked out with this show, you're just not serious about fitness.) Yeah, that was my program. Now, I do not use weights.

Do you cross-train in the winter?
Yes. I eat cheese on Triscuits while watching TV. It's hard but I manage. Cut myself a few times while I was engrossed in Oprah, but otherwise, no major injuries.

For two reasons. One is that eating Triscuits with cheese is sorta hard on the bike. I mean, you have to, like, tear the cheese into right-sized pieces while it's still in the Ziploc while you're holding the Triscuit. With my love of that snack, I'd be riding "look ma no hands" for miles at a time.

The second reason is that eating while watching TV is an American pasttime. It's hard for me to watch TV without the assistance of food. So, yes, cross-training is very important to me in the wintertime.

Which sports do you think are best for translating into gains on the bike?
I like curling and dancing the samba, but right now, I'm getting assistance from video games. People always say that gamers are slobs or losers or something. Totally not true, man. Totally not true.
  • Playstation Lance Armstrong LiveStronger Adventure: In this game, I get to pretend I am Lance. You can be pre-cancer Lance -- that is cool because you get to insult everyone in the peloton! -- or post-cancer Lance -- that's cool because you're cockier than before and you have that post-cancer svelteness too! The game hooks up to my trainer and I get to work on everything - cadence, pedal technique, etc. What's super fly is that you can choose all sorts of shit - your bike, what you look like, what race (or training ride) you're doing, even what music. It's fly.
  • Dance Dance Revolution for Xbox: This game is da bomb. Sometimes I go to the arcade just to interact. I've gotten tons of dates this way.

Winter Riding
Could you describe your winter rides...
Hm, I really don't ride outside below 15 F. It's just too f'ing cold.

What is your focus on the bike? (miles, time, spinning, power, etc.)
It's usually power but most of all, I do everything I can to fight that bored, cooped up feeling.

How often do you participate in group rides?
I usually go with my friend "Zippy" MacFarland on Thursday mornings. I ride to work with Zippy, a bike commuter, and then continue on before picking up a latte to warm up before returning home for some indoor video game workouts. I also go out with a local cycling club that's down the road from me. They try to push the envelope and naturally I don't like that. I also occasionally attend a moo ride with friends. It's basically a MTB ride that involves cows. I can't disclose more than that.

What are the best and worst things about group riding?
Best: The joking around and ganging up on cars.
Worst: The cars ganging up on us.

Do you use a fixed-gear?

What gear?
I haven't finished counting the teeth. I always almost finish but then I can't remember where I started counting. It's really hard. I once spent a whole day counting... Anyway...

How Often?
How often do I count? Well, I don't want to disclose...

What do you see as the benefits?
Of single-ing? Well it looks way retro so that's cool for picking up hipsters. It's also awesome for descents. I feel like I'm a Muppet or something when my legs get to spinnin that fast.

What is your limit for riding? (when is it too cold, how long do you go
when you are on the bubble of not going out at all?)
Generally I make it around the block and I'm done. It's a quality ride, though. I'm really pushing myself the whole time - very focused.

Any tips for staying warm in the cold?
Some tequila works for me. It's not a good day to work on bike handling. Also, I have some chaps (like horseback riders) and I like to put those on in the cold. I like to use a dab of Vasoline under my nostrils to keep the inside of my nose cold - important! I also make sure to wrap myself like a mummy in Dkepzrew, a new fabric that I'm testing out for a major manufacturer. The fabric totally keeps out the cold, but since I'm wrapping it around myself, there's no risk that it doesn't fit.

Any rides you only do in the cold?
I will go on the lake with the bike. That's generally hard in the summer. That's the only change, though.

Any rides you never do in the cold?
All's fair in love and cold.

When you have to ride indoors, what do you do?
A couple of laps 'round the house and so much shit is broken, I usually stop then.

Do you have a resistance trainer?
What's that?

How long are your workouts?
Long enough to work up a sweat. Two minutes, usually.

Can you share some of your workout plans?
No, classified. Sorry.

How far into the preparation period do you continue gym workouts?
I said I don't go to a gym. Weren't you listening?

When it's cold out, how is your heart rate affected?
Shoot, I don't know.


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