Thursday, December 16, 2004

Santa, the list's on my blog. Thanks.

NYT is reporting that more kids are putting their wish lists online these days.
Victoria Holt, 9, of North Salem, N.Y., adds to her Amazon wish list daily, sometimes hourly. "This is the first year it was over the top," said her mother, Jill Holt. "In the past she would pick 10 little things. And this year Victoria has 115 items on her list." The top item is a violet split-neck T-shirt selling for $6.99 at the Children's Place, followed by a biography of Hilary Duff and an Avril Lavigne CD.
What's amazing is that I have an Amazon wish list and I don't tell anyone about it. What am I going to do? Put it in my sig file? Don't think so. I've seen plenty of tacky people even link to their wish list through their blogs.

Last year, the in-laws did ask for a wish list and we pointed them to Amazon and we got what we wanted! This year, they didn't ask about the wish list, so I figure they like are going back to the traditional way of shopping this year: fighting traffic, going to malls, gettin' a little creative. More power to 'em!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Update: The in-laws indeed did not purchase off of the Amazon list this year. I got good loot, including two useful gifts (my favorite!!): a sweater and a french press for the husband since he broke his.

9:43 AM  

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