Thursday, February 17, 2005

Article on biking to work

Hurst, 36, is a 13-year veteran of the bike-messenger trade on the hectic streets of Denver. He was reached by cell phone Monday, while sprinting his Waterford 2200 race bike to a legislative center to snag some documents.
Such a visual paragraph: A courier (the epitome of cool) sprinting on a high class racing bike while talking on the tele. Rad.

That fine piece of writing is from today's SF Chronicle. (Found via DevilRides)

The article has some great pointers about urban riding.

Speaking of urban riding, I rode to work a few times this week before Mother Nature decided to turn the thermostat way down AGAIN.

Let me tell you, my ride is UR-BAN. Mix a bit of hood (I'll never forget passing the adults dry-humping on the front lawn next to the toddler todding towards the busy street) with the pothole hell the city has turned into (scary for the car as well), and it's safe to say things are never dull.


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