Saturday, March 26, 2005

bloggin' philly

day: 1 out of 3
bikes: everywhere (in the center city, where we are hanging out (we left ours at home)
weather: overcast, coat weather (pleasant!)
walking or driving? walking

so far, we've been to the constitutional law center. very nice. we spent rest of the way walking all around the city, window shopping.

so far, we've been happy with the prices. not too expensive! had breakfast (crepes) at yumifferous reading market and, we had some YUMMY pastries in chinatown. we plan to bring some back home with us as gifts.

tonight, we're going to try a byob restaurant (these are few and far between and not very popular in my city). two bottles of wine and some yummy food and we're set.

perhaps we'll catch a movie later at one of the ritz theatres (art movie houses).

tomorrow, we're going museuming! it's also husband's birthday. :)

still want to experience: philly cheesesteak, water ice (if any of the places are open - this is completely new to me!), monk's (unless it's a tourist trap and in that case we'll leave), The Mutter Museum, Manayunk, South Street, and more, if we have time...


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