Friday, March 18, 2005

the importance of new material

we saw a well-known comedian tonight. while i did enjoy his jokes and his pacing and reaction to the audience was tip top, i was hoping for, well, a fresher show.

i realize that a well-known comedian doing his or her touring bit is apt to keep it consistent with the crowd in an effort to keep their popularity up, especially so the commoners buy their DVDs, but i felt a bit let down, like i was watching a jaded broadway performer who'd rather sleep in instead of prancing across the stage.

i know just like not every day is a 100% day at work, the same goes for stage performers. i get my period. guys get, well, grumpy. sometimes it's just easier to spew out the formatted show, not improv one.

still, i feel a bit let down. (not that we really paid enough to be let down. i think the tickets should have cost more.) where were the current events jokes? i'm sure i'm not the only person who wants:

  • michael jackson jokes - yes, well-known comedian, i'd like to see how your jokes stack up against leno's/leno's writers
  • more improv based on audience interaction -- i know, this can slow the pacing if you have an idiot audience member, but it also shows off your skills

    tonight, the comedian did play with one audience member, but their rebuttal was based on a punchline that was obviously learned already.

    speaking of comedy, we're currently cuddling on the loveseat (aw), watching comedy central when up comes one of those VERY HAPPY genital herpes ads.

    you know, the guy says genital herpes isn't so bad! i'm damn sexy and i'm going to take this medicine and not tell the girl i'm dating that i have genital herpes. i'll just tell her i, um, burned my crotch while baking. that should impress her that i am sort of handy in the kitchen, right?

    Best joke of the night: Opening act - I was checking out some Internet porn and my computer caught a virus. It burns every time I hit 'P'.

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