Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Jogging, baby

This post really proves that I write this blog for myself. It's both cheaper and easier than keeping a paper diary. The only difference is that I would spill my guts a lot more if this was a paper diary.

Now, on to the mundane... Read at your own risk.

I took my first honest to goodness jog tonight. Husband was going for a jog and for some unknown reason, I decided to join.

It was 32 degrees - freezing - outside, but we bundled up and it didn't seem cold at all. I'd say wearing a cashmere sweater was a bit unconventional, but it worked!

Thank god for my Pearl Izumi tights. I felt like Peter Pan, floating down the street. Plus, now they're multisport tights: cycling and jogging. Wowee.

We jogged about a mile up the street and then turned around. When we reached our house, we walked to the store to purchase peanut butter, cereal and soy milk. We ended up purchasing peanut butter, cereal, soy milk and cantaloupe. Go figure.

Have you ever purchased exactly what was on your grocery list? Okay, I'm sure there are some times. How 'bout, do you usually purchase exactly what's on your grocery list? Heck, do you even have a paper grocery list? Shoot, I'm writing this for myself. I guess I need to comment now that I asked so many questions here.


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