Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Workmare (like nightmare, but about work)

I had a bad dream last night...

Charlie Gibson was doing GMA from our market and on this particular day he was jazzed because he had done a piece about life at his house. He shot the video (yeah, right!) and edited the video at his home edit suite (yeah, right!).

It was all him, one man banding his package.

I don't work at GMA, but just from a viewer's perspective, Charlie seems like an 8 hours and I'm out kinda guy. Never excited about any segment, any guest. Therefore, in my dreamworld, this was a pretty big deal...

Charlie had put his package on some odd Beta format I'd never heard of (Beta TSX, never heard of that before the dream) and in order to play back the tape for the show (as if they didn't have their own production truck!), it needed to be dubbed to DVCPro.

Well I was standing there just as he was quite casually explaining his dilemma (hello! where is his producer?!? shouldn't he work this out beforehand?), and decided to "look good for the station" and jump in and offer to dub the piece for him.

Well, that was pretty dumb, seeing that isn't my area of expertise. I do web stuff.

He said sure, seemed to trust me, and went off to do his show, where he just kept on teasing his one-man-band piece. During every chat segment, he would completely ignore the TelePrompter and start promoting his own piece.

I had a monitor in the edit bay and was watching this in horror, because I didn't know how to work the machines! We didn't even have Beta TSX. I did manage to get the Beta tape into a standard Beta deck, but of course the tape wouldn't play, so it was no use, but I kept on trying.

He said the piece would air at 8:45, but then I noticed it was 9 a.m., and I still hadn't made the dub. Then, I woke up.


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