Sunday, June 05, 2005

bike report

miles when i got home today: 1574.2

screw the icebox, i've put the frozen food on my loose appendages.

i'm really glad winter has given way to...summer. why the hell is it a humid 88 degrees today and where's my goddamn pool? (okay i really don't want a pool - liability, baby - but i wouldn't mind a neighbor with one.)

upon stepping outside, i can actually feel my pores change from F16 to F2.

we rode over to a yummy diner about 6 miles away to meet my cousin for breakfast. i liked my omlette, potato cakes and english muffin.

saw many bikers, we passed some and some passed us. discussed the sweat-inducing heat with a skinny ass biker at a red light.

that's another nice thing about riding a bike; when do you exchange pleasantries with the drivers of other cars?


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