Wednesday, June 15, 2005

commute report

miles when i got home (because i forgot to check when i got to work because i was swamped, damnit!): 1710.4

for all of you who ride the same route daily: you know when you run over the same piece of trash several days in a row? no? i'm the only idiot out there? y'all have daily street cleanings? great.

it's not like i'm running over a teeny, tiny piece of metal that could puncture my tire. instead, it's some random, harmless hunk that's obscured by the shade. for example, that damn coat hanger i ran over like 100 days in a row and kept meaning to stop and throw on the sidewalk but never did.

what's odd is i go around most crap, like the puddle of safety glass squares when someone's car window is broken out, or potholes (the kind my husband insists on riding right through for no good reason). i'm really careful there, but then there's that damn wire coathanger...

other objets d' road: a big old rusty bolt that could be/was part of a car or something. it's on the big hill and i keep meaning to throw that on the sidewalk too.

other roadkill: some brown wingtips (dress shoes). in about 2 days they went from simply sitting in the middle of the road (one in one lane, one in the other) to PANCAKED -- shiny and not a scratch on them but completely flat. now (day 5, i think) they're starting to get scratched up a bit.

question for you: what's the oddest thing you've seen/run over while on your bike recently?


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