Tuesday, June 07, 2005

ride report

miles when i got to work today: 1606.7

of interest: not as humid as yesterday morning

annoyed: (not well thought out rant) i've had it with the people who are like "DOWN WITH CARS. CARS ARE DUMB. I HATE CARS." the propaganda is quite cute and fun and usually has adorable images of chairman mao and i do get caught up in it sometimes, but it totally misses the point, as much angst usually does. shoot, i have a car and i love it. do i pointlessly ride to the grocery store just because my car has three cupholders? no. i usually walk, thank you. do i live in a suburb where you are enclosed by 1,800 plastic houses and you can't walk to anything but another one of the 1,800 houses? no way. but do i love my car? yes! i can use it to take road trips. (would i prefer to be good to the earth and ride my bike on a road trip? yes, but i wouldn't ordinarily have the time to bike to {insert faraway place}.) i can use it to get something on the way other side of town at the last minute {i'd prefer to ride a subway or a niceish bus but don't have that option.} i am down with the cars-r-coffins for my own reasons, like they pollute and they have made this society nuts, and i agree that people should bike more and ride less and not be assholes who run over cyclists. that's all good, but cars are not bad, damnit. thank you.


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