Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Fashion report

I know Vino's been in the news lately for kicking ass in the tour (sprintin' and climbin'? you da man!) and his recent team change, but what excited me was his FLASHY OUTFIT.

I mean, have you seen the beautiful Kazakstan champion outfit he's been wearing recently? It's a great aqua with complimentary buttercup accents. Swell.

It's even a step up from the T-Mobile fuschia, a great kit. Now if I was the best cyclist ever (no ice cream for me!) and I was choosing TDF team winners soley on their kits, here's my top 5, with 1 being best:

1. T-Mobile - Pink doesn't even look dorky on the guys.
2. Gerolsteiner - Love the colors, love the gradients. Also love how the branding really carries from their product - it's not just a slapped-on logo.
3. Liquigas - Swell color combo. One could argue that it's too muted, too forgettable, kind of the opposite of a CSC kit, but I like it.
4. Il Diablo - Okay, he's not a team, but he's at the TDF every year and he has the best kit by far.
5. Phonak - It's kinda ugly yet kinda pretty, but definitely easy to read. Plus, although there's yellow in the kit, it's not so overwhelming that you mistake a rider for the malliot jeune.


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