Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lance in France podcast

iPod: technology of leisure travel

Before leaving for Maine, I loaded up the lizpod with all sorts of great podcasts.

I envisioned a podcast listening, lemonade-sipping scenario on wraparound porch at the b&b or, better yet, I'd be lounging by the water, signature white earpods in cranium, re-aligning my chakras.

iPod: everything else is at home (nearly)

I made a conscious tech decision. The laptop would stay home - it was a good decision, though it seems every general store, b&b, marina and quonset hut has wireless internet these days. The cell phone would travel too, but only be checked sporadically, especially since Maine's cell phone reception is spotty. The camera would come, especially to document the wedding.

iPod: good for plane rides

It turns out that I didn't listen to the pod until the plane ride home. This was a good thing. The less technology while on vacation, the better, so she blogs.

I did enjoy the Lance in France podcasts. One of the podcasts was cute. Supposedly Johan and Lance were discussing the next day's strategy back at the hotel (yeah right - they worked that shit out long ago). They said they could talk about it on the podcast since the podcast wasn't going to be uploaded until after the next day's race.

I'd argue that the podcasts need to be about 1/2 hour (they're a measly 5 minutes long) and I'd like a chance to listen to an entire press conference - and there could be more fun things, like raw audio from the warmup area, sound from roadside Lance fans (since this is Lance-centric) - but it's a good start.

There are VERY FEW bike podcasts around, so even though it's mostly a way to get folks signed up for Sirius satellite radio, and to raise the visibility of Lance's weekly Sirius show, I'm glad Lance in France is available.

NOTE: I just found out that Dan Osipow is doing TWICE DAILY podcasts from the tour. Pretty cool. I just subscribed...


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