Monday, September 18, 2006

One car or two: Part 2

We have discovered the joy that is the bus. We took some test rides and more important than cost, we found it to be extremely easy and convenient to use.


1. Costs:
The bus is $1 each way and $40 for a monthly pass. A bus card doesn't save us too much money. Based on the public transit website's cost of driving calculator:

Monthly car commuting cost: $77.32
Annual commuting cost: $927.84
A new car starts at $16,000 - we're pay cash types.

Monthly bus commuting cost: $40
Annual bus commuting cost: $480

2. Door to door service: This is perhaps the best part for us. We walk not even a half a block to the stop - it is at the head of our cul-de-sac. There is a stop across the street from my work and 1/2 a block from husband's work.

Plus, we live close enough to our workplaces that the bus ride is not long.

3. New buses: Our city has recently introduced new (biodiesel! willie nelson!) buses and they're quite nice to ride on.


1. This isn't a con so much as I need to do the entire mathematical workup.

2. More cons listed in previous post on this topic.


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