Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Delicious restaurant for people who can eat approximately 40 pounds of food in one sitting

I experienced the Smokey Bones BBQ chain for the first time last night. Wow, is it good and sinful. I felt like a balloon in in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade by the time I had finished stuffing my piehole.

The portions were "Amhurican" portions - that is, enough food to satiate a 400 pounder. Speaking of larger folks, there we were flanked on either side by the fattest of young families. They even had big fat toddlers with them.

Back to the meal...First, I had some stew. Very good and sugary. Some meat and corn and big stewed tomatoes too. I was already feeling a bit guilty because I could taste the molasses.

Then came the cornbread. (I didn't order this, by the way.) Holy cow...It was not a cornbread appetizer, as advertised. It was a CAKE. I'm not kidding. A huge, yellow cake still in the pan. It came with -- I'm not making this up -- ICING. Yep, there was a bowl of icing (honey vanilla walnut butter, they called it) on the side.

My pulled pork sandwich was great. They were nice enough to give me enough meat for two sandwiches - I'm sure some of their larger customers would complain if they had less dead flesh per plate. There were two types of bbq sauce - one was very good (sweet) and the other was too mustard-y.

The only thing I didn't like was my side of butter and green beans. It was so greasy that I could hardly stab the beans with my fork.

Overall, a good experience for every once in awhile.

By the way, the demographic targeting behind this place is very exacting. It's all about southern fat people who like NASCAR.

There were TVs everywhere. You can (for free) tune in one of five TV channels, as I'm sure their target demo never has a meal/snack at home without the TV.

Then, they have the whole "southern" thing down to a t. They serve sweet tea and "homestyle" this and "down home" that and try to make themselves very southern. I already mentioned the portions. That's southern too. "Hon, don't you want more? Take some more!"


Blogger I.Mc said...

All that food, truely the American dream.

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