Sunday, January 02, 2005

more bike stuff

it was warm and sunny during my new year's eve visit to atlanta and i was DYING to get on a bike. the weather could have not been more perfect: high 60's, sunny and a light breeze. sweet. so sweet.

only one problem: the fucking airlines think it's cute to charge a ZILLION dollars to ship bikes (should be like $10, yo) so no bike for me during the holiday vacation. yoga was good, but that is inside. inside when the weather could not be better outside. (i'm especially riled because when i left home, a foot of snow was on the ground. i haven't been able to ride for a month now.)

anyway, the no jacket required (ug, remember that album???) weather brought out the lycra set, and i was JEALOUS. we stopped by a bike shop in l5p sunday and i got extremely jealous when the bikes started to roll in for the weekly group ride. husband started making fun of the fat dudes with the $3,000 bikes. well hell, at least they're out riding! more power to them even if they had ostentatious bikes and looked silly as hell in their stretchy outfits that accentuated their protuding bellies.

don't want to sound toooo selfish. (not that cyclists are, right?) the absence of bike meant more time to spend with friends - the entire purpose of the trip! we had an absolutely lovely time with some atlanta friends and with some other friends who flew in to atl and met us. our atl friends hosted us at their adorable east atlanta village house. they're thinking of investing in their second eav home. more power to them! (if you go to eav, you must stop by the australian bakery. it was yummy.)

today's links:

  • WWW bike lane
  • sweet story

    time to cut this post shorter.... the husband just turned on comedy central and south park's famous "you got served" episode and i can feel my body melting into the couch.

    "chef, we just got served."

    "oh boy. come on inside and i'lll make you some cocoa. just relax and breathe. are you okay?"


    "stanley, when someone challenges you to dance, you dance back."

    "but dad...."

    (commence the achy-breaky heart father-son scene in the garage.)


    On the electronic signboard at the O.C. convention center: It's ON!!!!!!



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