Saturday, March 26, 2005


certainly yummy and the best flourless chocolate cake we've ever had.

it's now 11 p.m. and we just cabbed it back to the hotel from azafran in philly.

had an exquisite experience.

arrived and found 2 open 2-tops. we snagged one (they don't take reservations.)

the feel of the place is very comfy yet formal enough to give a preview of the upcoming sophistication of the meal. the walls are a soothing mustard yellow and the lights are down low.

as for the wait staff, i hope anne's (pronounced anna) is working there when you arrive, because she's a pleasure and we were lucky to have her assistance.

we told anne we were just checking in because we had to go down the street and find some wine. (they're a byob.)

she said no prob, "are you wine snobs?"

we started laughing, "no."

she called the guy from the wine store down the street and showed us a listing of what they offered. he walked right over with our selections (two bottles of okay pennsylvania table wine but we were grateful for the service and after a glass or two, who cares anyway?).

first, bread accompanied by a ramekin of yum olive oil and some roasted garlic cloves (we fished those out). good fresh french bread. plain but nice.

the first course was a salad with grilled squid (NOT RUBBERY OH MY GOD I DIDN'T KNOW IT COULD TASTE LIKE THAT) and delicious greens and fried plantains and other stuff. so yum.

then the main course: he got grouper (he knows his fish!) on lentils and beans oh so good in a sunflower cream sauce. i got seared tuna on top of a mashed potato thing (there's a technical term) with a crispy plantain.

it sounds dumb and pretentious, but it was good, rather down-to-earth, well-thought-out meal that was very fresh.

erik finished with a flourless choc. cake with choc. gelato. the cake was to die for. the gelato? okay.

then, since this is the city of brotherly love, we have to include the incredible hospitality. the table to the right of us (a 2 sibling bunch) engaged us in a rather long, interesting conversation that we enjoyed. they offered suggestions for activities and food during our stay. our waitress, anne, also sat down and wrote out food ideas for us. so nice, these people in philly. really, so nice.

it was such a perfect dinner experience, we chose not to spoil things and go out afterwards. yes, truly!


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