Thursday, March 31, 2005

bike report

Mileage when I got to work: 1037.2

Today's bike commute was thankfully uneventful. Passed another bike commuter - probably headed to the nearby university. He was riding a Fuji hybrid.

Was wearing too many clothes, again. Wore bike jersey, sweatshirt, light jacket and tights. The jacket is practically nothing, but is bright orange with reflective stripes on the arms, so it's more about visibility than anything. Started overheating about a mile from home, but kept pedaling on in an effort to save time, since I left a little late.

The "Pedal On" song (Luka Bloom - thanks for the suggestion, Velo Diablo) was running through my head (didn't bring the iPod today) during most of the ride. I think it was a subconscious celebration that I'm actually getting stronger. I hate losing ground when I take my hiatus (when the weather is below 30 F!) but since I've been riding again these past few weeks, it feels great to improve again.

The traffic lights were working in my favor today. That's always good.

Yesterday, there were plenty of bikes on my commute. More folks than I'm used to for sure. That was nice!

A word on the weather:
The combination of warm weather and earlier sunrises has been just delightful. I am leaving for work earlier, and not employing bizzare warming tactics (like sucking on my fingers to keep them from going numb) on my way to work.

I know that soon enough, I'll be annoyed that it's too HOT on my commute back home, but hopefully those days will arrive later, rather than sooner. Plus, as the days get longer, that means I can take weekday evening rides with my honey, perhaps even on the bike trail up north of the city!


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