Tuesday, April 12, 2005

bike report

Mileage when I got to work: 1178.6

It was raining most of the way, and although I blogged earlier about getting a wet butt, I still haven't purchased a fender.

The only interesting part of my commute this morning is actually quite embarrasing. I was going down the long hill to my work (that I have to go back up on the way home) and I decided to take the right lane because traffic was rather light.

I glance back periodically when I take the lane, so I notice that a car just like ours is approaching. Since husband is driving today (suit and tie day and nowhere to shower/change), I assume he's being my buffer for the other traffic. The car slows and pulls to a parking meter, so I stop too.

Only then do I notice that the driver is a black lady, not my honky (Danish heritage) husband.

As she's getting out of the car, I tell her I thought she was my husband. She looks at me funny. I ride off.


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