Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bland and boring, thanks

I purposefully keep this blog bland, boring and impersonal. Details are sketchy, yes they are. Boring this blog is, yes. That's what a life in the media will do to you - make you not want to reveal a damn thing about yourself. Perhaps when I embark on my next career as the lady of a South American estate, I'll let you in a little closer...or perhaps not.

I created this blog, eh, I don't know why. Regardless, only you, dear reader (and dear husband) knows about this blog and that's fine with me.

So, a little about my weekend, eh?

Did a little 50-mile training ridelet with a group of men a few decades older than myself. One guy in his 40's (one of the younger ones - he isn't exactly decades older) really kicked ass in that European and he has the accent and name to prove it way. His wife evidentially makes some sort of health bars with fruits AND veggies -- not her job or anything, just because they're healthy like that. Anyway, this guy pushed a consistent 22 mph no prob. Nice.

The rest of the group (except for the nice guy we dropped pretty early) was cruising - lots of conversing - around 18 mph. I was in between the two groups, riding on my own and making pretty good time but, well, not pushing it in the least. I didn't "feel the burn" unfortunately. I felt good and not at all worn out when the ride was over.

Encountered a LEFT! asshole on the way back (rails to trails, baby) to the car. I gave my husband a look and took off after him. He was only going 21.5. No biggie. I am not fast, and I don't consider that a fast average on the relatively flat bike path.

So, something inside me snapped and I decided I was going to overtake him (I considered several options, which included lecturing him that if he wants to zoom around 70 year olds on cruisers and little girls with pigtails and pompom things on their handlebars, he should really try a road, dumbass) when we got close to a family, spread out all across the trail and a Rollerblading couple that's nearly parallel to them.

I'm sure you know what happens next. Dumbass yells LEFT!!!! and dangerously slips in between the two, just barely pulling it off. What a total idiot.

We were getting closer to civilization, so there were more kids and people in general and there was even a sign posted (just like the ones on the road) with a 20 mph speed limit. I slowed it down to 20 and the guy just kept going.

Then, came the point where there's a slight jog to get on a country road that parallels the trail. Husband decides to catch LEFT!!! but I stay behind because I don't want to even consider the guy anymore. These idiots are a dime a dozen and not worth it.

Husband did the LEFT! manuever to LEFT! by the way, just for the fun of it.

There's no point. I don't want to, nor have I ever confronted those idiots. Who knows, a confrontation may be in order when the kid pedaling the pom-pom adorned pink bike with the white tires is mine.

Photos: Ride those old stones, boys


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