Monday, May 16, 2005

No ridin' today

...but I WILL be riding tomorrow. Highs in the 70's again...In the voice of the Cool Aid Man...OOOoh yeaah!

On a totally different topic, I LOVE McV Chocolate Digestives. I'm mad that my grocery up the street now carries McV (plain digestives only) because it's now that much easier to procure them.

Tomorrow I plan to start up again with yoga. My little cousin, in town for the summer, said she'd go with me, daily. I wanted to go tonight but the last class started at 6 p.m. HELLO, I'm at work. Who gets home from work in time for a 6 p.m. class? I'd love a 6 *A.M.* yoga class (at the studio up the street, not on Oxygen).

In more news not related to bikes, I made maple granola this evening. I'm also using the food dehydrator for peaches and pineapple. I love the yummy smell the dehydrator makes.


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