Friday, May 13, 2005

bike report

miles when i got to work: 1413.5

wished i could have stopped: at that one bakery i pass every day. they are one of the "been here back when the neighborhood was good" businesses that looks out of place in the hood where packs of roving teens with white tee shirts and baggy jeans swagger nearby

sherpas are great: if i ever go to the andes or any high-up mountain range, i'm definitely hiring a sherpa. shit, i might just hire one for my next trip. my husband rode with me and actually admitted that my laptop is kinda heavy. see! i told you!

scent of the day: i can't seem to remember, though perhaps i will and then alter this post. i know it isn't bad emissions, though i do hold my breath for those chug-chug cars that puff out the silver smoke. i am definitely more observant/sensitive about smells than other folks. poor husband couldn't smell anything - allergy season. aw.

roadrunner: i am NEVER going to reset my computer now. current readout for maximum speed: 79 mph, baby! yeeyah! not sure how that happened, but it's AWESOME.


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