Sunday, May 01, 2005

ride report

Mileage: 1322.9 as of 2:34 p.m. Sunday

Today's ride: Went to watch a local race (running) a few neighborhoods over, rode home, rode to our friendly neighborhood movie store to return "Napoleon Dynamite", rode to work then home.

Best smell on ride: Has to be the KFC. It's on my ride to work. That fried/grease/chicken smell makes me feel like I'm currently eating it. I don't even need to put it in my mouth.

Best food option on ride: Could be the BBQ wagon on the side of the road. I can't smell it, so either I'm too far away or they cook it elsewhere. Either way, a ghetto food wagon is usually a good bet. I am going to pick some up for dinner some night soon.

Second best food option on ride: A WONDERFUL bakery up the road a bit from the BBQ wagon. They have the most amazing foccacia/roasted red onion/smoked turkey/goat cheese/etc. sandwich.

Hills: Yes. I don't have to use my loser chainring to go up the biggest hill anymore, so I GUESS that's progress, and I try to go faster than 10 mph on the hill, but darn it, that's hill's more than a mile long and the grade is not to my taste. I really dig the short steep ones, but the long ones are much, much harder.

Now: Laundry, get clothes together for next week, begin cleaning house in anticipation of in-laws' visit in two weeks, oh yeah, and buy a vaccuum online.


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