Friday, May 06, 2005

bike report

mileage: 1369.3

the warmth is finally here, and hopefully here for good. i was at work a little late-ish and husband came to pick me up (on his bike). we rode home together, he carrying my heavy laptop on his back.

bikes seen on the way home: 7, i think, but i wasn't really counting

honkeys honking horns: one, a new porsche boxster driver who was incredibly impatient and honked JUST as the red light turned green. i was in the curb lane and actually took off before the person in the lefthand lane did. i wasn't in the mood to turn around and frown at the guy, but i should have, though on second thought perhaps he's a member of the happy horn honking club like my hubby, who seems to inadvertently honk ALL the time by accident.


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