Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pimp my fahrrad

Most u-35 Americans are familiar with MTV's hit show "Pimp My Ride", which is an "I want/gimme" genre show for 14 year olds who are looking forward to their first cars. (MTV seems to have quite a few "I want/gimme" shows. How about some "let's help others and not be selfish" shows. Right, we're talking about American teens and the advertisers who court them...)

Anyway, in Deutchland, it seems people are happy with bikes. Good for them. Good for them.

So, check this. "Pimp my Fahrrad" is a cross between "Ride" and "Monster Garage". Visit their site to check out the video clips and photo gallery.

Also, here's the definition of Fahrrad via Wikipedia.

Of course, successful MTV franchises like the original "Pimp" help pimp out the schedule in other countries, with adjustments for cultural variances.

Here's another example: the Italian version called "Pimp my Wheels", cuz once again, in many places there are a hellavalotta more Vespas and Moto Guzzis and other shit than cars.


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