Saturday, June 18, 2005

saturday report

thursday's report was eaten; friday, i didn't post.

right now: listening to some catchy song by keane on vh1

plans for today: library, pedicure if i can get an appointment, meeting with lauren about our maine trip, visit grandma, think of father's day gift, bone up for tuesday's mind-busting thing

now on vh1: i don't watch these channels often, and what i'm finding is so damn confusing. eminem is singing some "doiiing, doiiing, doiiing" song with triumph the insult dog while puppets from crank yankers act out the scenes. too much convergence people! it's forced by agents! i can't take it! speaking of watching TV, big screen TV folks apparently have SUVs of energy usage. those TVs make your power bills skyrocket. all i have to say is a hearty HA HA HA!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you found my favorite picture from recent news. thanks!


9:48 AM  

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