Saturday, June 25, 2005

ride report

just got home from ye olde college town, 3 hours to the east.

was in ye olde college town to speak, but that got messed up, so at least i was able to hang out with friends, drink, and eat (twice!) at my favorite restaurant in ye olde college town.

i also got to take a ride on the new rails-to-trails path, which ends about 15 miles away in a neighboring town.

that town's center, i'm happy to report, has improved from its rural post-industrial depression and blossomed into an artsy-fartsy enclave catering to tourists.

we tooled around, popped in and out of artsy shops and stopped by the organic coffeehouse/lunch spot for some caloric happiness. i was bummed that there weren't more tourists, because they were really missing out.

back to the trail...the ride itself was mondo flat, and included an old company town (i love ghost towns and stuff like this). a canopy of deciduous trees made the high 80's much more bearable. the trail was paved and totally fresh, no tree roots bursting through the blacktop. fallen trees had been carefully moved out of the path. there were hardly any LEAVES on the trail.

the trail's flatness was especially wild because the area is full of beautiful foothills. nonetheless, it was good to check out the trail and we'll have to head to the hills next time.


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