Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Commute report

Miles when I got to work: 2060.0

Listened to on the way to work: Coverville, the "Michael Jackson cover story" episode. There was a lot of talking on this episode; I'd rather hear music on my ride.

Of interest: This VC dude talks about work/life balance. I think everyone who bike commutes is already on their way towards work/life balance.

Totally wrong: As I've mentioned before, my daily commute takes me through a low-income neighborhood. A few weeks ago, a terrible McDonald's billboard went up, playing off poor person stereotypes. The billboard has a huge photo of a Big Mac with the words "I'll make it fit." just below. Why don't they write what they really mean? "Hey poor people! We know you're fat and don't care about nutrition. We know you'll shove our hamburgers in your face even if you're not hungry. How about stopping by?" Pathetic move, McDonalds.

The image: From the Spoof Ads section of Adbusters.


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