Monday, September 19, 2005

Did not ride report

Miles when I got to work: I didn't ride today

What's my good excuse for not riding? There must have been horrible thunderstorms, right? Nope. My bike must have broken in half, right? Nope. I was just very late. I still should have ridden, as I've been later before and ridden and it's been okay. I WILL ride tomorrow.

Why was I late? We live in a duplex and our downstairs neighbor, although she's the sweetest person ever - folded our laundry without us asking, brought us some cheese from her visit to Wisconsin - smokes. For some reason, every single time the woman has a cigarette, the stench wafts into our house. Every single time. It's not just a faint odor, it's ALL OVER, in every room, and it STINKS. It must stop.


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