Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sorta commute report

Miles when I got to work: Didn't check, was in too much of a rush

Highlight of the commute: Getting a flat, discovering I am an idiot (it took 29 years!) because I wasn't carrying a spare tube, attempting to patch my injured tube which luckily was patchable, discovering that my first patch didn't hold, attempting to put on my second patch which also didn't hold, furiously adding more vulcanizing cement until my fingers were all black - and the tube still wasn't fixed, finally a 1/2 hour later calling husband to pick me up and shuffle me off to work since i was only 3 minutes from his work. yay for nice husbands who are willing to pick up their idiot wives just 15 minutes before scheduled meetings. yay.

Why my bike shop is #1: They are willing to leave spare tubes for me behind the dumpster behind their shop on the day that they close at 5 and I can't to the shop by 5.

To do list: I need to trim my patches so that they are not TOO BIG for my 650 tubes. The big ones never seem to hold. When will I get this through my head? Oh, now, I guess.


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