Monday, October 10, 2005

Tugboat, choo-choo train

burley trailer

One day, when there is a little person member of our family, we will get a child bike trailer.

It'll probably be attached to E's bike since he has rear brazons (those eyelet things soildered to the bike) on his Bianchi and my 44" Cannondale is probably shorter than the trailer!

Some parents strap their kids in the car in desperate efforts to get them to nap. Perhaps we will just ride the bike around the neighborhood for the same effect! Okay, I know that's wishful thinking since this is often a nighttime problem, but let a girl dream...

I haven't done much research, but so far, the Burleys look pretty nice.

There's a middle-class suburb just inside the loop that's full of uniform rows of $150,000 4-bedroom pop-up houses, eager soccer moms with minivans and pretty-good-but-not-great schools. I've heard that baby treasure hunters can get excellent deals on barely used baby items...There's no doubt that at least one yard sale will yield a well-priced, once used Burley trailer.

I'm not big on buying used, but a piece of simple mechanical equipment that we'll use for about 3 years doesn't seem like a long-term investment...


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