Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Commute report

Miles when I got to work: Not sure becuase my cyclometer is temporarily lost

Of interest: Some guy tried to race me in the park today. It was that kind of race where we don't discuss that there's a race, we just race. Well, I won and wasn't breathing hard.

Wacky dream: It was a three-parter. Part one, I'm in a lecture hall where other professional writers - everyone from fiction writers to technical writers - were sitting, listening to some guy say that because you wrote it, you technically own it. After the seminar, everyone proceeded to go to bookstores and snatch their books for free, and... this leads to part two of the dream...

In part two, I went to a fried food factory place that made lots of breakfast food (no doubt this has something to do with the chain breakfast place TV commercial I saw last night) and the technical writer whom I had met at the seminar took me into the company cafeteria. They suggested I take whatever food I'd like, since they'd written the manual on how the factory workers were supposed to do their jobs.

So I got in the cafeteria line and it was like Charlie and the Fried Food Factory. They had no less than four kinds of waffles - one was totally fried but still soft on the inside, kind of like a funnel cake, another was a regular waffle but it was fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth good. Anyway, I proceeded to the end of the line and they didn't charge me because I was with the writer. It was splendid.

I've now forgotten the third part of the dream...

Today's picture: Children's book "Gretchen the Bicycle Dog"


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