Sunday, February 19, 2006

Prego rides the trainer

Now, I can add cycling as a tummy-obstacle sport.

This must be what it feels like to be a cyclist with a beer gut. You've seen them on the side of the road, looking silly with their $2,000 frames with $2,000 worth of components and $1,000 worth of matching clothing.

My pedal stroke took on an awkward shape as I pedaled while avoiding the tummy. I must fix that - don't want to injure myself.

Otherwise, this new trainer dealy is really cool.

We went for the covered wheel because it's a tad quieter, but didn't go for the super-expensive gel flywheel thingie because, well, it was expensive.

Saturday was my first attempt at riding in about five months. My legs were appreciative, but I didn't get a chance to ride that long because my big, fat pregnant butt started hurting nearly immediately.

Pink Jellybean likes to stand on my rectum and pereneum, so having pressure from the saddle and from the inside wasn't so comfortable.

Another obstacle, as I wrote above, was the ever-growing tummy. It's only started majorly jutting out in the past week, and it's made the bend-down tasks, like putting on my shoes, a little harder.

Now, I need handlebar extenders. Perhaps I could outfit my frame with monkey bars for the next three months.

Fortunately, my feet still fit in my cycling shoes. I did have to wear a pair of my husband's cycling shorts. I was quite a sight. Perhaps I'll post a picture if I'm feeling really bold.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Pregnant lady needs bike trainer

At 6+ months pregnant, I'm no longer able to ride to work. Well, technically, I could, but my cycling gear really hurts when I put it on, my family would yell at me because my ride doesn't take me through the quietest or safest streets, and, well, it's darn cold outside.

To make matters worse, I haven't been excercising at all. I'm convinced my child will plop out a big fat doughnut (a cake doughnut, if you're wondering) and I'll have to spend all my time and effort weaning little Jellybean from refined sugars and white bread.

So, with three months to go in the pregnancy, I've decided to get my act together. I need to start eating right, which means eating green veggies every day, amongst other things. Dropping the Krispy Kremes would also be a good plan.

Although my body hasn't been craving broccoli, it has been craving exercise. Good, old fashioned exercise. My prenatal yoga class is for beached whales, and I'm not at at that stage yet. So that's almost anti-exercise.

(By the way, pre-natal classes are for big, fat couch potatoes. It was evident when the teacher asked for raised hands on the first day - who has done yoga before. No raised hands. Oh, so NOW you're going to exercise? Okaaay.)

So, back to my plan: I'm on the lookout for a trainer so I can cycle in the living room. I can watch movies or listen to the iPod while riding. I don't feel like investing in the "you're riding the Tour de France" DVDs although they sound like fun too.

Now, to accomplish said plan...