Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fat mommy

My daughter's 8 months old and I'm not yet back on the bike.

I rode around a few times after she was born, but never got back in the habit. I also didn't get back in the habit of exercising and eating right. Big, fat mistake.

It's amazing that I could go from health "fan" (I was in no way a nut) who rode my bike to work in the COLD and RAIN and even raced (twice) and went to yoga class (the hard one) a few times a week to fat ass has to squeeeeeeeeze on my old jeans - then has to wear a long shirt to hide the muffintop.


The hardest part of having a kid and exercising is being organized. I'd say it's finding the time, but if you are organized, you have time.

And, it's also about tearing yourself away from an adorable kid who you want to shower with love and attention. There's something about being a working parent that, at the end of the day, brings you back to your child like a magnet, not wanting to let go until they drift off to sleep. (The too-late bedtime didn't help, but we're fixing that.)

Number three on the list would be remembering how good it feels working hard on the bike and seeing great things you wouldn't see in a car. Or, remembering how it feels after a long ride and how good it feels to pull on those jeans over my hips, not over fatty hips.

Another thing. I might as well sell my Cannondale and buy a Goodwill Huffy so I don't look like that fat idiot tooling around at 15 mph, sweating up a storm. (Don't worry. I'm not going to sell it.) That's why I'm staying inside on the trainer (for bike purposes, only) until I start looking a little more...respectable.